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I am making an appeal for more material for publication in Retired Lines. It can be on any subject, the job, old school days, travel, hobbies, life after the job (yes there is one!) There are restrictions,he cannot accept anything about the force today unless cleared by F.H.Q. and no advertising please.

it can be electronic format in word by choice. Any pictures must be in a separate file. anything sent can be 'tidied' up by the editor if requested.

Please send to his E Mail

Subscriptions for the year 2017 due in January 2017 are as follows.

The subscription for the Association is £2.50.  

The subscription to be an affiliated member of Narpo is £7.92.

(So if you wish both please pay £10.42)

Some of You have not renewed, if you do not renew by end of October 2017 your membership will be lapsed.

Subscriptions for 2017 remain the same at those for the Year 2016.