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NARBTPO have been in dialogue with the British Transport Police Authority and we are able to report as follows.

Negotiations are fluid and ongoing surrounding a number of issues. In relation to BTP pensions our requests to have protections enshrined in legislation are being considered. They have not been dismissed as unachievable at this time.

Please therefore note the following three items;

  1. Our request to have any changes to Scottish pensions protected in statute is being considered and has not been dismissed as unachievable.
  2. At the most recent meeting of the Joint Programme Board, pensions were discussed at length. It appears that the issues surrounding firm and binding protections has some support and will be discussed further.
  3. NARBTPTO will now be updated along with the other staff associations. NARBTPO will be invited to all future staff association meetings and briefings.

John Bryant   Hon Chairman                                                                                           


Martyn Ripley Hon Secretary