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BTP Federation Lottery

B T Police Federation Lottery

During their time in service many members of NARBTPO would have been members of the Federation Lottery. Now, with the assistance of the Federation, we can now advise that the membership of the lottery is available for you to join.

The cost is £1 per number per week and you can have up to 5 numbers. The draw is held monthly with a bonus draw in December. The first and second prize are always £1000.00 and £500.00 respectively. Third to fifth prizes vary depending on the monthly membership and fluctuate between £50 to £70 per month. The remainder of the money is split between donation applications which must be for a Charity, Sporting or Cultural event. Members wishing to receive a donation for any of those events must make a written application to the BTP Federation.  The winning numbers will be provided to us on a monthly basis and will be published on our website. Application forms to join the Lottery are available on both the NARBTPO website ( along with the BTP Federation website ( .  Two forms are available to be downloaded and printed. The application form should be sent to the Federation Office at the address on the form. The Standing Order form should be sent to your bank or building society. The Federation will advise you of your numbers following confirmation of your payment.


The Lottery has been helpful in assisting the Association with donations for several years and this is your way to help the Lottery grow and succeed as well as hopefully pocketing some winnings yourself.  Should you have any concerns or enquiries regarding this new venture then please contact me by email ( and I will be pleased to assist you.



Application Form

This is a (tick as appropriate):


  New application   Change of entry Change of address


I apply to join the British Transport Police Federation Lottery and agree to abide by the rules of the scheme. I agree that the decision of the promoting panel should be final.


First names:                                                                               Surname:


Date of birth:                                                    


Home address:







Telephone number (home):                                              Mobile phone number:


Email address (personal):




I wish to purchase: 1   2   3   4   5   numbers per week and I authorise the amount of £_________                 (£1 per number) be deducted from my payroll per week until further notice.




Your information will be handled with care - view our privacy policy at

Please return form to:  Mark Marshallsay, B.T.P.F.  134 Thurlow Park Road, West Dulwich, London, SE21 8HN.





Fund code:                                                                             Amount:


Processed:                                    Signature:                                                                          Date:

If you cannot print the application form please contact Phil White via his E mail printed above.