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Funeral Arrangements for Mark Birch

Mark Birch's funeral takes place at Sutton Coldfield Crematorium on Monday 9th November.
Obviously in view of the current restrictions the number of attendees is limited to 30, the majority of whom will be family members, but a few serving officers (including Chief Constable Crowther) and retired officers/staff will also attend - including Dave Jones and Paul Majster.
It is a continuing shame that former colleagues who knew and worked with Mark cannot attend his funeral but such are the times in which we live.
RIP Mark
For those who knew Mark, I understand that his funeral service will be streamed live by the crematorium at Sutton Coldfield on Monday next.  Log in details are
Password :  B12020    Time 3.15p.m.
Mark Birch funeral today: live stream
The live stream event has now been set up for the service at Sutton Coldfield Crematorium on Monday 9th November at 3.15p.m.
The password is:  BI2020  (The password is the first two letters of the surname followed by the current year).
Email states to press F5 to refresh if you login before the live stream has started.