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Eddie Heron

Hi everyone,
Some very bad news, Eddie Heron passed away this morning. (6th August 2021) I have known about this for several weeks but am still devastated by his passing much quicker than expected. He was a Special friend and an excellent cop. As you know, he did a stack of secretarial work for the Scottish Retired Officers and he
will be dearly missed by all. I will inform you all further of any updates on the funeral etc. when his daughter, Jennifer, has that information.
Please do not send any correspondence to his e-mail address because it was
Eddie's wish that I did not tell anyone of his Illness.

From Eddie's Daughter

I wanted to let you know that my Dad passed away early this morning. As
you know he’s been battling cancer and having been into the hospice for a
couple of weeks, he came home on Tuesday like he wanted. In his words ‘get
me out the bloody Vic!’ and that’s what we did.

He went through a list with me some weeks back and he said I was to
contact yourself and let you know and that you’d be able to let others
know. I hope that’s ok. He said if I could ask you to do one job for him - to do ‘death retired notice’ and if you could ‘tell Elaine in Glasgow to advise pension and
HR Please’

If you need any more detail or information please just ask me.

Apparently Dunfermline Crem is still closed for services and so it will be
Kirkcaldy Crem I think I’m told there’s a 2-3 week wait but I should have
some details confirmed early next week and will let you know.

Thank you very much. My Dad said he really enjoyed doing the retired BTP
stuff with you and I know he appreciated your support about his illness. I
know the years of you all in the Waverley back in the day were full of

Funeral Arrangements

Funeral details are now confirmed by his Daughter, Jennifer 
Kirkcaldy Crematorium.
Monday 30th August at 3pm.
Then The Hillend Tavern to have a drink and celebrate his life with fond memories.

The Tavern is right next to Dalgety Bay train station.