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Effective from the 6th of November 2017

I have had the following E Mail from Nial Bonnar who is a serving officer in D Division. It is for anyone interested and is self explanatory'

Due to the fast approaching BTP Scotland (D Div) integration into Police Scotland. I had made bespoke silver coloured metal pin badges to commemorate D Div and to raise some money for the Samaritans. A charity which BTP work very closely with.

Many serving and recently retired Scottish colleagues have already purchased some but I wanted to reach retired colleagues as well who'd perhaps be interested.

I can take payment by

- PayPal at
(Please pay using friends/family to avoid 10% fees. Add a message on PayPal just saying how many you'd like & where to send.)

- by direct bank transfer.

The badges are £3 each.

For non internal addresses (not BTP locations) a £1 postage charge per order is added.

I'm unable to send you a picture of the badge but if any of you are members of the 'Constable on the Track' facebook page I have a post on there. Alternatively, if you provide a email address I could forward one on.
Many thanks

It is with regret that I have to inform you that Clifford Plaskitt a retired officer of the BTP and a life member of this Association passed away on Saturday 14th October. Clifford served both at Grimsby and Doncaster and retired in 1985. There are no further details at present.

John Bryant

This was sadly passed to me via ex DC Roy Clarke.

On Sept 1st Dave Howell died suddenly at home as the result of a heart attack, he was 57 yrs old.

He was born in South London in Nov 1959 and moved down to Kent with his family 3yrs later.

After leaving school he went to work for Peter Frankel &Partners as a draughtsman and from there to work at London Transport studying engineering.

He joined the BTP on June 2nd 1986. Stationed at Victoria on London South. Having successfully shone throughout his probation Dave went seamlessly into the CID at Victoria, where he again proved himself to be an excellent detective and fellow officer.

He met his wife Sue in 1990 whilst attending a CID course in Liverpool, and eventually relocated from London Victoria to Preston as a DC.

Whilst on the North West Dave worked as both uniform and CID at various locations such as Liverpool, Southport, Manchester among others, eventually gaining promotion to Sergeant.

During all his career moves Dave still managed to complete a BA (Hons) in Public Policy and Administration, and eventually gained promotion to Inspector.

He was posted to FHQ in Camden and worked tirelessly on policy and projects including Suicide prevention  before retiring in 2014.

Dave and I joined together and remained good friends until his untimely death. Personally I will remember his humour and his love of the job, so much so that it would at times impact on his health.

Following his retirement Dave travelled widely and spent time in his shed creating and building as he had done throughout his life. He was an active member of his local community and was well liked by many who met him. Over 200 people attended his funeral where his eulogy was read out by ex Chief Supt Myles Flood.

Dave leaves behind his wife Sue, Daughters Joanna and Ashleigh and Son Jacob. Following his funeral his wife Sue posted the following message.

Just to say a big, big thank you to everyone for your love, support and kindness. We, Team Howell, are so immensely proud of Dave and did our best to give him a good send off.  We couldn't have done it without you.  Thank you for all your cards, letters, stories, flowers, messages, they have all helped us along this journey we never thought we would have to make.  Thank you for travelling in some cases very long distances, to support us at his 'Celebration of life' ceremony. When I said at the funeral that Dave thought nobody liked him, I wasn't joking, that's what he told me.  How wrong was he?   The words don't seen adequate enough but once again,  a very big thank you from Team Howell.

Can members who wish to contact me please use the address which is published in the current Members Directory.

Sending an E mail to the old address as used before, goes via Mick Barry's web address and is then auto forwarded onto me, this sometimes means when I go to read it, it does not open correctly.

Regards to all

John King



I am making an appeal for more material for publication in Retired Lines. It can be on any subject, the job, old school days, travel, hobbies, life after the job (yes there is one!) There are restrictions,he cannot accept anything about the force today unless cleared by F.H.Q. and no advertising please.

it can be electronic format in word by choice. Any pictures must be in a separate file. anything sent can be 'tidied' up by the editor if requested.

Please send to his E Mail

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